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Ah! So you're curious about who it is that has so much time to waste writing all these things about a place that so few people have heard about ?

Well -- I'm just your boy-next-door sort of person who, every once in a while (and I mean ONCE in a while!) feel inspired to say a few things about the place where I grew up and to share those experiences with whoever cares to read these pages. I'm not really famous for anything, except perhaps my ability to run up a huge telephone bill- no prizes for guessing why!

In my previous incarnation (my lease on life was renewed at the end of 2011), I was disguised as the Senior Programme Manager of Idasa (the Institute for Democracy in South Africa). My main job was as manager of the Southern African Migration Project (SAMP), which is a research programme on cross-border migration in Southern Africa. I spent 100% of my time doing this job, but I also spent 40% of my time managing Idasa's Cape Town Democracy Centre. I used to also spend about 30% of my time either hanging around at home writing these pages and/or listening to music, and from time to time, would go off to some jazz club. When I really needed to get away from it all, I went fishing, which took about 10% of my time in an average year. But of course, whenever I decided to go fishing, the fish went on vacation.

Nowadays, I work as a freelance trainer/facilitator and researcher for various institutions and organisations. I continue to be involved in migration policy and research work, mostly on continental and global levels. At home in Cape Town, I do organisational and personal development facilitation and training. I also teach a course on South African History and Politics for students from the United States who come to Cape Town on a Study Abroad Programme.

So as you can see, my working life is quite varied and I must say, I quite like it that way. If you want to get in touch with me -- I'm not sure why you would want to though -- complete the form below and I will try and respond in a day or two:

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