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Journey to the Cape Flats

Awe! Ek is nogal bly djy't gedecide om 'n loe te ko vat -- djy moerit soema enjoy...

(Hey! I'm glad you decided to come and have a look -- please enjoy...)

So I had the opportunity to create my own website; and I thought- well, everyone's doing it (creating their own websites, that is) and I thought: WHY NOT ?

The question was- what on earth would I put on a personal website ? My life is perhaps a little interesting, but certainly not interesting enough to tell the whole world about it. Besides, I had seen too many web sites that was but one or two pages that waffled on about:

hey,this is me!" and don't you think my dog is just the greatest thing since sliced bread ?

So, it happened to be late one night -- or early one morning, more correctly -- that I was sitting and staring at my screen, that the idea hit me:

If there's anything even vaguely interesting about my life that I would want to share with others, it is my experiences as a child growing up on the Cape Flats.

But I wasn't quite ready (yet) to write my memoirs. Being early morning and my mind being in an altered state due to sleep deprivation, I became all philosophical and thought:

What would it take to allow those who have never seen or heard of the Cape Flats,
a glimpse into what it was and is like to grow up and live there ?

And so, these web pages were conceptualised -- as the beginning of a journey; an opening of the door to the physical and psychological space that is called the Cape Flats.

For some, the journey would just be a quick pass-through; a detour on their way somewhere else. For others, it may spark some lingering interest and curiosity. And maybe a few would find the journey enriching, even inspirational.

Whatever the case, please join me on a Journey to the Cape Flats...